Activity Conducted by 2018-2019

Sr.NoActivity Conducted by 2018-2019
1d Celebration International Yoga Day 21-06-2018
2d MSBETE Samupdhen 2018 on 03.07.2018.
3d NSS Unit Programme No.1 on 05.07.2018
4d NSS Unit Programme No.2 on 07.07.2018
5d Student Mentoring System Lecture No.1 on 12.07.2018
6d Industrial Training At Nutralytica Research Lab, Nashik on 14.07.2018 to 16.07.2018.
7d Personality Development Lecture No. 1 on 21.07.2018
8d NSS Unit Programme No.3 on 14.08.2018
9d Industrial Training At Nutralytica Research Lab, Nashik on 16.08.2018 TO 18.08.2018.
10d“Sadhbhavana Day” on 20.08.2018
11d NSS Unit Programme No.4 on 21.08.2018
12d Personality Development Lecture No.2 on 04.09.2018.
13d Celebration of Teacher’s Day on 05.09.2018
14d Induction Programme on 06.09.2018
15d Industry Expert Lecture No.1 on 06.09.2018.
16d Present And Passout Students Meet on 07.09.2018.
17d Students Mentoring System Lecture No. 2 on 07.09.2018
18d Alumni Expert Lecture No.1 on 07.09.2018.
19d Alumni Expert Lecture No.2 on 07.09.2018.
20d Distribution of Story Books on 07.09.2018
21d Aarogyavardhini Exhibition Visit on 14.09.2018
22d Industry Expert Lecture No.2 on 14.09.2018
23d Industry Expert Lecture No.3 on 15.09.2018
24dNSS Unit Programme No.5 on 19.09.2018
25d “Celebration of Pharmacist Day” on 25.09.2018.
26d Entreprneurship Lecture No.1 on 25.09.2018
27d Faculty Attended Training at Tatyasaheb Kore College of Pharmacy,Warananagar on 08.10.2018 to 12.10.2018
28d Hospital Visit tO Shri Siddhivinayak Ganapati Cancer Hospital on 17.11.2018
29d Industry Visit to S. G. Phyto Pharma Pvt. Ltd (Production Unit), Kolhapur on 25.11.2018
30d “Samvidhan Divas Rally” on 26.11.2018
31d Pathology Lab Visit on 26.11.2017 & 27.11.2017
32d Health Checkup Camp 28.11.2018
33d Hospital Visit to DR. J. J. Magdum Trust’s , DR. J. J. Magdum Homeopathic Medical College Hospital , Jaysingpur on 01.12.2018
34dAnalytical Lab Visit on 07.12.2018.
35d Teacher – Parent Meet 2018-19
36d NSS Unit Programme No.6 Inauguration
37d Governing Council Meeting on 21.12.2018
38dPharma Rally & Patient Counselling Projects/ Camp on 27.12.2018
39d Celebration of Different Days on 17.12.2018 – 21.12.2018
40d Sports Week 28.12.2018 – 30.12.2018
41dUnnat Bharat Abhiyan Village Sanitation Awareness Rally on 16.01.2019
42d03 Days MCED Workshop on Entrepreneurship Awareness Programme on 17.01.2019 – 19.01.2019
43dNational Voters’ Day Rally on 25.01.2019
44dHuman Anatomy & Physiology Museum Visit on 15.02.2019
45d“Farewell Ceremony” on 12.03.2019